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Incoming students


The Undergraduate Programme in Industrial Engineering trains professional figures to acquire a full understanding of economic and entrepreneurial systems, developing their capacity to elaborate models of complex systems, acquiring computer science skills in the fields of information and management systems, understanding the principles of planning and managing complex technological and building systems, possessing the economic, managerial and organizational skills that allow them to operate in most positions within businesses and the public administration. The professional orientation is therefore focused on roles involving project management and the management and monitoring of production processes and businesses, with particular attention to the economic and organizational aspects.


Founded in San Marino in 2012 in collaboration with the Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino and the Università degli Studi di Parma, it is classified L09 – the classification of Industrial Engineering degrees established by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. The problem-solving capacities that the industrial engineer develops and his highly diversified education, give him the tools he needs to address a diversity of problems in the areas of production and management. The industrial engineering graduate can easily find a job in large-size or small and medium-size (PMI) companies, in manufacturing and services.

The fields that are most interested in industrial engineers are:

  • the manufacturing industry;
  • businesses in the fields of energy, technological systems and transportation;
  • service and consulting;
  • all the sectors of the Public Administration;
  • the research sector in public and private, national and international Institutes.